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Online Football Betting Tip Football Making football bets online is so easy. There are countless folks just like you who have discovered how easy it is to bet on football games from home. All the tools you need are your trusty computer, a good internet connection and a valid credit card.

To try to start making some serious money on football bets, just join a reputable sportsbook, read the news or consult your favorite handicappers, pick the football games you like, and wager away. more football betting tips »
Online Basketball Betting Tip Basketball Basketball bets are easy to make. With over 12,000 professional and college games each season, betting lines are available daily for regular season games, tournaments and playoff action.

Basketball bets are similar to football bets - point spreads are used to handicap the favorites and underdogs for each game. Over and under totals are popular in basketball betting as well. Sportsbooks usually require 43 minutes of play. more basketball betting tips »
Online Baseball Betting Tip Baseball A baseball bet is made by laying or taking money odds. It is based primarily on moneylines, and with its relative simplicity, betting on baseball offers the bettor some of the easiest money to be made. The minus (-) indicates the favorite; the plus (+) indicates the underdog. more baseball betting tips » Online Hockey Betting Tip Hockey Making hockey bets online may seem a bit confusing at first due to different terms used for betting on the sport. Some of the terms frequently used are "Canadian Lines", "Puck Lines", "Money Lines" and the like. However, as bettors become well-versed with the sport, it becomes much easier. more hockey betting tips »

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